Pic taken by Franco Frassetti, also featured on the Ibanez website

I got to breathe yesterday. Once. Today was back to busy mode and no complaints here!

Did an interview at BulletProof Music Studios in Hazlet, NJ to continue promoting my new cd MOOD SWINGS. Michael Sabatini joined me, as he was asked to be interviewed as well, so that worked out fine. Doing the questioning was my friend Steven Keller, along with other hosts. Was a lot of fun, lots of laughs, talked about the new cd of course. Also gave Mike the floor to talk about his band Attacker, as well as his recording studio, Bandmother Recording. Cross-promoting definitely helps, and I think more rock musicians should do it. You see rappers do it all the time to great success.

After the Q&A, I was asked to play a 4-minute guitar solo (!!) and so I made as many noises as possible. Definitely cool! And then Franco Frassetti set up a photo shoot for me. He took the pic above when I opened for Lita Ford the second time at Starland Ballroom in 2018. And what’s even cooler is that this pic is on the Ibanez website! Anyway…he did some photos of me with my trusty Pinkie 7-string. Was a productive but fun day!

What’s next? Right now, one more rehearsal with Naked Glory before the Oct 30 show. More rehearsals with my trio starting up November 7th. Another phone interview on November 3rd, this time with Debbie Mazella at Magic 98.3 FM. Even though her station doesn’t play hard rock, she can still do a podcast as in the past (hey, I rapped!) I hope to score more interviews soon, but while it’s awesome doing them for radio, being in PRINT would be way cool too!!

Any press is good press!

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