L-R: Michael Sabatini (drums), yours truly, and Brian Smith (bass)

If you felt the Earth tilt off its axis earlier this afternoon, now you know why…

If I want something done right, like get back on stage in 2022, this is how its done! The rhythm section of the metal band Attacker will be pounding the songs out (and how!!) We had our first rehearsal today at Bandmother Recording in Jersey City, NJ and it was definitely loud and heavy!! You all know that drummer Michael Sabatini played on the album, as well as engineered and mixed it. Now you can say hello to his bass player Brian Smith.

We did four songs off the new cd MOOD SWINGS, and we will do four songs from past albums since I seem to have a decent catalog. If we can land a hot gig in January or February 2022, then great! Attacker will also be working on music for their new album while this is happening.

Suddenly I am the outcast for having hair?!

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Guitarist/guitar teacher/cat lover in New Jersey.

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