Artsy-fartsy pic I took recently. Resembles something 80s shredders would do to look “deep”, huh?

It has been quite some time since I said anything about my music. There’s good reason for that. I won’t go into detail as normal.

Define “normal” though?

The Reader’s Digest Condensed Version: I had a drummer and bassist back in the fall of 2020, looked like things were shaping up but then things took a downturn. I wasn’t happy with things, not getting the results I wanted. They were very good musicians but the planets weren’t lining up. So I walked away from it all. As far as I was concerned, it was over. My depression steamrolled me, and the last thing I thought about was the new album.

Being passionate sucks sometimes.

Around January this year, a drummer reached out to me and asked “What’s going on with the album? You haven’t said anything.” I told him the deal and he said “Send me the songs, I will help you. You need to get this up and running, man.” We got together on February 21st and everything fell into place. The songs sounded the way I wanted, there was no talk of “You should do this” or “If I were you, I would write this kind of riff.” I cannot say who this drummer is, but rest assured, he is pounding the crap out of the songs in a good way. I will be handling the bass as well as guitar on the album. Not in the mood for teaching another bassist songs that will collect dust on their watch.

Since all is going well, I am hoping to start recording in May. If this cd comes out by end of summer, then fantastic! I am not saying much else. Keeping things very much on the downlow until everything is officially recorded.

All I will say is this: It will be the most muscular-sounding album I’ve ever written.

Brace yourselves…

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