Pic taken after a four-hour (!!) segment on WSRX.FM; that’s DJ Metal Mistress on the right obviously!

I had not done a radio show in a few years. Think the last time I was on the air was back in 2018 promoting MARBLEHEAD with my friend Metal Maiden Vicki on her Metal Euphoria show. But while I don’t have anything new (yet) to promote, I received an invite that I had waiting for since the dawn of time.

I got to be guest DJ on WSRX.FM 107.9 (Vernon, NJ) with The Metal Mistress!

She asked me to send a list of songs that I wanted to hear, so I typed my fingers off. Yes, I included some of my own songs from past albums. But for me, it was important to showcase some of my influences as well as pull out obscure songs from popular bands. Of course, bands like Led Zeppelin, Rush, Living Colour, Black Sabbath, etc were on the list. Threw some curveballs such as “Son and Daughter” by Queen, “Holidays In The Sun” by Sex Pistols and “Rise Above” by Black Flag.

But wait there’s more…

When The Metal Mistress said “We need 3 seconds of music here”, I suggested “You Suffer” by Napalm Death! Blink and you miss it, but it was played after “Victim Of Changes” by Judas Priest. Think that was the first time that song (all three seconds) was played on terrestrial radio. Also had to add 30 seconds in another spot, so in went “Spray Paint” by Black Flag.

I told you that my choices were not typical!

As for my own pieces, there were such feel-good hits as “Time To Fly”, “Turn To Rust”, “Smash The Past”, “I Play Guitar”, etc. Some of these songs were placed after songs by Steve Vai or Deep Purple. Good company to be in.

Had two callers, was nice chatting on the air with them. Was hoping for a couple more callers but so be it. By the way: it was supposed to be from 8-11 but we went til midnight (ooh, we’re rebels!) I had the best time last night, felt very relaxed, lots of laughs, and I have to say her dog and two cats ROCK!!

Metal and animals…the only way to fly!

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Guitarist/guitar teacher/cat lover in New Jersey.

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