It snowed yesterday.

Can you tell I’m ebullient?

Went outside at 7am with shovel in hand to clear the heavier stuff at the front of the driveway. And then when I pulled out the snow blower, my back was thanking me. I forgot about certain muscles in my arms though.

To hopefully kill the time while doing something I can’t stand, my brain immediately raced to my songs. And because I am always creating, editing, re-editing, whatever, I deconstructed a couple of the songs in my head. One song will get a new title. Another will have an intro (for some reason, most of my tunes lack intros, they just GO. Must be some weird influence that I’m unaware of?) So once I was done thawing out after being in the snow for two hours, I sent an email to Scott and Vin about these changes. Was waiting to hear “STOP!” but thankfully I was wrong.

We were supposed to have rehearsal last night but when the frost giants have other ideas, you think of a Plan B. And that plan is we will most likely meet at Vin’s place after the holidays to work on the songs, pull them apart, piece them back together. It’s a curse and a blessing to be creative. If I wrote simple tunes (nothing wrong with those), we would be content with three chords and the truth. But I can’t write anything normal, so there you go.

My normal is someone else’s weird, yes?

I am thinking of more ideas but will shelve them in my mind for now. Am sure even when we go to record in March/April 2021, I will blurt out “This song needs…” and run the risk of being thrown in the dumpster behind the studio.

Hey, at least there’s stray cats I can hang with.

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Guitarist/guitar teacher/cat lover in New Jersey.

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