Pic from this past January’s trip to Anaheim when I was at NAMM. This was what I saw every morning outside the hotel. Sigh…

Well, uh, I feel foolish.

Was supposed to have rehearsal with the guys on December 2nd but then we had to move it to December 16th. Now there’s a threat of 12-18″ of snow so I made the call to postpone until after the holidays. I really need to show more admirable restraint. I get excited and want to share with the world (or at least five of my fans) that things are cooking musically-speaking.

You would think at my age, I would mellow out, toss on some Air Supply and wear fuzzy slippers. Somehow none of that is happening. (Though I have to say, I saw Air Supply in 2008 and it was a really great show!) I still get excited about the prospect of doing a new album, my eighth opus. Even though I’ve been through the grinder with musicians (and to be fair, some aren’t thrilled about me either), I tend to find new inspiration and convince myself that people really want to hear about everything. Fortunately, I don’t take pictures of my breakfast; well, I posted a hot fudge sundae once and it got more hits than my music, so what do I know?

This down time will give us more time to work on the songs. As Scott told me today, “More prep equals less studio time and $” so we will utilize this wisely. Though I wanted to stand in front of loud amps and drums and feel my pant legs shake…sigh…soon enough. I just won’t wax enthusiastic until AFTER a rehearsal actually happened. Maybe that will work better and I won’t look so stupid.

Now I see why artists shroud themselves in mystery…

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