Coffee in a Yes mug, definitely my mood for a day :)

Hmmm…I’ve not posted anything since March 5. Am I losing my touch?

Nah, just really had nothing to talk about.

“What? You? Steve Bello? Always flapping his gums and typing his fingers off? Nothing to talk about?”

Truth be told, been busy with 30 students, rehearsing with the band (and hopefully locking in a recording date), filling in with cover bands here and there, and dealing with seasonal depression.

Blunt enough for you?

Now that Spring is officially here (but not totally out of the woods yet), I can enjoy more walks, look forward to leaves blooming on the trees, and feeling inspired by the sun’s presence.

Do I sound metal?

But one thought has been on my mind for quite some time: This thing called music. What exactly is it about music that creates so many reactions and opinions? We need music to help us function, get us through rough times, whether we listen to the radio or pick up an instrument. There has to be some sort of connection happening, or else the music is meaningless.

Being a musician for more years than I care to admit, there’s always going to be a suspended state of adolescence. Some call it “Peter Pan Syndrome”. Whatever the case, music keeps me vital and (dare I say it) happy. And it is true when they say “Youth is wasted on the young.” I might be on my fourth mid-life crisis now but those feelings of impatience and being undaunted still fuel my passion.

I no longer feel the pressing need to rush things to satisfy my ego but am very excited to get my hands dirty with the recording process soon. I finally accepted that I’m this strange/quirky/esoteric guitarist that will always be in my own lane. I’ve grown more confident as a guitarist over the years, know what works, what flaws need fixing. Listening to the new rough demos still gives me those chills like when I recorded on a band’s demo for the first time way back in 1988. And while some people thought I would either mellow over time or “get this out of his system”, the opposites are true. The music is WAY heavier and more in-your-face. I still have some piss and vinegar in me (along with the coffee this morning). Hard to believe that my first solo album will be 20 years old this October (and there’s another anniversary along the same time frame too). And I’m still chasing elusive tones, creating something out of nothing, hoping a scant few people will shake my hand and say “Wow this is great stuff!”

And yes I still have the dream of getting a song in a SpongeBob cartoon. If Pantera, Twisted Sister, and Motorhead did it, I can too.

Any takers?

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