So these two drummers walk into a studio...

It’s been an unusually mild winter, and I’m not complaining. So today (Feb 15) was perfect for going on a short walk and recording music.

Wait…hold up! What?!

Yep, as you can see in the picture, TC Tolliver (Plasmatics) came up to Bandmother Recording to lay down his parts for one song on the upcoming cd. If you may recall, we asked him to pitch in back in August last year (!) and after schedules were ironed out, we arrived at this moment.

This will be a first: TWO drummers on a cd! TC on one, Mike Sabatini on the other seven…whew! No it’s not going to be a dual drummer thing like 38 Special or Grateful Dead.

TC and I had not played together since 2014 when we toured Germany with bassist TM Stevens. So when we worked on this song, it’s like no time had passed. And another first: this is the first time TC and I recorded something. We were supposed to do an Ep w/TM but sadly it was not meant to be. Felt great to power through six takes, and of course the sixth take was THE one. So much groove and power, like a mix of John Bonham and Alex Van Halen.

Now that that’s done, we can focus on the remaining songs. I have one more to show the guys, and it’s a ballad (of sorts) so this will really throw people off guard. Yes I did a ballad (of sorts) for the MARBLEHEAD cd called “Turn To Rust” but that was more in vein of Hendrix/Trower/SRV. This one, to my ears, is like Pink Floyd meets a bit of Yes. Then again, people hear things differently, so ultimately the public will draw comparisons. Yet it will still sound like me.

Things are rollin’!!!

Guitar muted so nobody can steal my riffs :) But listen to those drums!!

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