New single debuted at #9 in Australia…

So almost a week after I surprised people with a new single, this happened…

“Pieces Of Light” debuted at #9 today in Australia.

Don’t ask me how!

I have sent this song to various stations, and while a couple have played it, a few said “It’s WAY different, but doesn’t fit our format.” HUH!? I thought my heavy music wouldn’t but this is definitely a first. One station very nicely said “It’s VERY chill, but we can’t play it.” I am fine with that.

But how it got to Australia is beyond me because I never sent them this song.

So this afternoon, when I saw the post on their Facebook page (which I did a screenshot above), it startled me. That’s not easy to do.

Fear not…when rehearsals start up for my ninth album, it will be HEAVY of course, with tons of groove and attitude.

And maybe a chill song 😉

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Guitarist/guitar teacher/cat lover in New Jersey.

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