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The ISSA Awards show happened yesterday. After many months of wondering who will take home the top prizes, the results were announced on their website.

No I did not win Male Album Of The Year.

But that’s okay! As I have been saying, being nominated was a win, and then being a finalist was the cherry on top. I was up against some serious competition and am sure the judges spent many a sleepless night wondering who to pick. Yes, of course I was hoping to see MOOD SWINGS either take gold, but would have been fine with bronze or silver. (Sounds like the Olympics!) Yes I was dismayed that I was not chosen. That only makes me work harder the next album, right?

I am grateful to have been given such an opportunity to be recognized. When the public voted all of April, and the announcement was made on May 4, I was as shocked as anyone when my name was mentioned. Did I hear that right?! Yep, I heard “Steve Bello MOOD SWINGS” and my jaw hit the ground. And I said to myself even then, if I don’t win the award, I still won accolades and decent press.

Of course many congratulations to the winners! We all work hard and it shows. Was nice to see some friends take home the top spots as well.

Would I have liked a trophy in my hands? Definitely. But that doesn’t diminish how proud I am of the album, how much hard work went into it between myself, Mike Sabatini and Jon Hanemann. If I won, they would have as well.

I guess it’s time to do another album, yes?

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