The 80s called…

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of introspection (meanwhile my car passed inspection back in April…is that the same thing?) This happens when self-doubt creeps in from time to time.

The plight of being a musician!

I am usually alone with my thoughts and ideas. True artists tend to work best alone. I was never good at collaborating, which unfortunately makes others paint me in a negative light. When riffs and melodies come to me, I have to act quickly. Waiting for others doesn’t appeal to me. Once I get everything collected, then I can make my move.

But then another feeling hit me upside the head recently. Will I ever write “that song” that will catapult me? Jon Lord (RIP) said that Deep Purple’s IN ROCK album was their calling card. Every band/artist wants one. But it can also mean an albatross around one’s neck for eternity. So therein lies the conundrum: Do I want a signature song or a bunch of tunes that people can enjoy? I asked myself if there will ever be my “Cult Of Personality”, my “Ice 9”, or maybe my “Tom Sawyer”. Bold thinking but someone has to do it. I really hoped “Turn To Rust” (from MARBLEHEAD) was going to be THE ONE to skyrocket. Sadly that did not happen. I’m still proud of that song; in fact, I still say it’s my personal best piece.

And it was played on WRAT a few times. All seven minutes of it.

I have a bunch of new demos, and cannot wait to hear them turn into real songs. I may never have “Free Bird” (that could be a blessing) but will always write the best songs possible. If the public deems the songs worthy of such high praise, then awesome.

No “Stairway” either.

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Guitarist/guitar teacher/cat lover in New Jersey.

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