Updated family photo with all eight studio albums

Finally got around to taking a group portrait featuring all eight of my studio albums. Is eight enough?


Hard to believe that my first cd TWISTED METAL was done way back in 2003. And here I am, promoting MOOD SWINGS, which came out August 25 this year. I imagined back in 2003 that maybe I could squeak out two albums and be done. Guess the muse had other plans?

The slightly ironic thing is that TWISTED and MOOD both have me on guitar and bass, as well as whomever was on drums (Darren Patrick on the first; Mike Sabatini on the latest). So it kind of bookends, if you ask me.

Will there be a 9th album? At this stage, I am going to say yes but it won’t happen for quite some time. My original plan was to put out an album a year, like Motorhead or Black Flag (how punk!) But I guess it’s more like Boston or Def Leppard…whatever works! Quality can’t be rushed. I am writing new riffs, nothing is finished, nowhere close. But it’s nice to pick up a guitar and something new falls out. I may not perform as much as I used to, but I will always be creative.

That will never stop.

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Guitarist/guitar teacher/cat lover in New Jersey.

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