Iron Maiden mug courtesy of my cousin Alicia

Another year around the sun…I am now a 52-year-old dude and proud of it. My birthday was November 2nd but am still continuing the festivities.

I’m allowed to!

Got to spend time with family, which is most important. Gave myself a bit of a break from teaching and rehearsing, both things I enjoy doing but sometimes the body and soul needs a bit of recharging. Seeing cousins always helps too, good times had by all. And yes, my cousin Alicia got me a cool Iron Maiden mug…time to put my foot on the monitor.

Back even though I am still celebrating, it’s back to reality. Not that I mind because I’m doing things I enjoy. Got rehearsal with Naked Glory this Friday and they have TWO shows coming up so this will be exciting. As for my trio, we will isolate ourselves from the world this Sunday. No shows yet but there’s no rush to get back out there. I want this done right. If gigs happen in March 2022, fine with me.

Unless Judas Priest needs an opener 😉

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Guitarist/guitar teacher/cat lover in New Jersey.

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