Brown paper not included, sorry.

It was a high holy day when the UPS truck showed up last night. I was out teaching but still knew that when I arrived home, a package would be waiting for me.

And here it is!

The second batch of MOOD SWINGS cds has arrived, and orders are going out the door. As I said previously, this is without question the fastest-selling album in my catalog. GO BERZERK! was a good mover too back in 2011 but this steals the show. Considering how slow my last cd MARBLEHEAD moved, this is a welcome change of scenery.

I realize that I’m placing almost too much emphasis on how much something sells but keep in mind that I am proud of my music, first and foremost. Yet we musicians are fragile creatures, and we want to see our hard work pay off. Nothing worse than putting your heart into something (unless the only thing you care about is money) and having it blend with the furniture.

More interviews are happening, so you can check out what’s going on over at the UPCOMING EVENTS page. Also, more rehearsals with Naked Glory are coming up since the gig is October 30th. And…wait…something else?

You’re just going to have to wait a bit longer.

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Guitarist/guitar teacher/cat lover in New Jersey.

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