No hype, no bull…this is the real deal.

You know you have something hot when complete strangers say “I saw your album cover, it’s really cool!”

Again, a first for me. Nobody ever commented on any of my album covers until now.

But MOOD SWINGS is on the move, and so am I. Two interviews down, one to go, and waiting on a fourth. The Q&A with Jeff Rickett on CBJ Radio was very cool, asked me questions about Linus as well as the album (the cat is as popular as I am!) I have to say, the second interview on Jerry Declet’s Metallicave was a riot!! Another band were on the air, local band called Pierced, and we all had a great time talking about guitars and the NJ club “scene” (is there one?) But the funniest was this one guy who did a drop-dead impression of Hank Hill from the show KING OF THE HILL. Oh man, he had me in stitches. I like to make people laugh but he blew me away!

Next up is an interview with my friend Wendy Chandler, aka “The Metal Mistress” this Saturday September 18. Your eyes are not deceiving you; I was there back in March when I really had nothing to promote. But it was still a lot of fun. Now I have this way-cool cd and she’s dying to talk to me about it on the air. Best part is that it will be broadcast on both internet and terrestrial radio! She asked me to hand-pick a list of songs I like from other artists as well as tunes from my new cd.

More Q&As are being worked on with Metal Maiden Vicki, as well as Tom Hanley on WRAT 95.9FM. Feels like I’m doing a spoken word tour like Henry Rollins.

Except he has a cooler speaking voice.

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Guitarist/guitar teacher/cat lover in New Jersey.

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