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Rehearsals were from February 21 to May 16. Recording started May 21 and ended this afternoon on June 18. Aside from one or two weeks that we skipped, this was full speed ahead to get the music moving.

All the solos were laid down over the course of two or three hours. Once we dialed in the proper tones, that was it. The solos were being peeled off one by one. Some hiccups here and there, but overall we are all way more satisfied with the results. But when I thought we were done…

Mike said “Let’s add two more rhythm guitar tracks to fatten things up.” I admit that at first I was like “Ummm…okay” but am glad we did it. I got to use the blue Ibanez 7 and it sounded amazing, even with the stock pickups. Banged the parts out in about four hours. And when the last notes were plucked…

We all said “We’re done!”

But there’s still mixing, mastering, artwork and the like to take care of. As of now, we are just thrilled that the music is laid down, and we can move forward.

Thanks to Mike and Jon for their hard work, patience, expertise, and long talks about metal music. And thanks to Cathy Beck for letting me use her 5-string bass for the album.

Man, am I shot…

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