Took this pic at 7am. I look pretty good for 51.

How many times have you been compared to someone? “Why can’t you be more like your cousin?” or “How come you’re not like your friend up the block?” Did you lose count every time someone had a suggestion under the guise of a back-handed compliment?

You’re not alone.

Far too many times, those who are in the creative field tend to get bombarded with inanities and passive-aggressive attitudes. Why is this? It’s because some people are jealous of you. They want to be you. They know they can’t so they twist the knife and make you feel like you are doing things wrong. They can’t stand the fact that you could actually be correct or that you have a precise goal/vision in mind. As I always say, “Most people can’t find their ass with two hands and a GPS.”

What brought on this Saturday morning epiphany? I’ll tell you…

Fighting the winter blues forces me to re-evaluate my life and surroundings. I have always been constantly surrounded by negativity and resentment. And to be fair, I was the same way. I can be a dark, cynical person but am trying to turn that around. I can’t force it. Others bask in the glory of being oppressive and cutting. These are the same people who will tell you “You need therapy” because they don’t want to be scrutinized themselves. When you’re happy, they hate it. When you are reaching your goals, they find ways to undermine you. There’s a few people in my life who are double-agents, and live to be the undercurrent. I must be a decent human being because that drives them crazy.

Am I perfect? Nope. Never will be. Will I ever be truly happy? No. Anyone who is always “on” is hiding something. Eventually the armour tarnishes. The veneer cracks and you will see people for who they really are.

TM Stevens once told me years ago: “You are cut from a different cloth…and then they discontinued the fabric!” This is me, warts and all. You like me? Fine, you can stay. You don’t like me? Your loss. And if you only like me for personal gain, you’re barking up the wrong tree.

And for the record, don’t tell me what I “should be doing”. You don’t like something? Write your own damn songs.

They won’t be as good as mine.

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Guitarist/guitar teacher/cat lover in New Jersey.

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